Objectives, Vision, and Mission

ÖzÜ / Istanbul Institute of Design is the Turkish hub of the international design research and education communities and the local design research, practice and education center in Istanbul.


One of the most crucial steps of turning a city into a hub of international innovation and design praxes is the presence of innovative design education and research institutions. These institutions are critical for any global city that claims power in design and creativity. They support local industries with their creative and experimental work and enable constant flow of human capital by attracting and educating young designers from all over the world.


Design, as a source of added value and an innovation tool, is more frequently associated with specific cities and locations. Istanbul is one these cities which has the potential to become local and global center for design and creative industries. ÖzÜ / İstanbul Institute of Design (ÖzÜ/İID) is a visionary, graduate level, design and architecture education and research institution at this thriving city of Istanbul.


ÖzÜ/İID offers master’s (MArch/ MSc) and doctoral (PhD) degrees in design and architecture. Since 2014, the institute serves as a venue for scholars and students to conduct research on theory, technology, methodology, management, strategy, history and culture in relation to design and architecture.


Istanbul Design Institute is a registered trademark of Özyeğin University. Faculty members of the ÖzÜ School of Architecture and Design serve as the main academic human capital of ÖzÜ/İID graduate programs. Atölye is one of the strategic stakeholders since the agreement of mutual protocol, in 2015. Some of the ÖzÜ/İID graduate programs and workshops take place in collaboration with Atölye at their Bomontiada facility.


ÖzÜ/İID has an innovative and interdisciplinary education mission. This mission aims:

  • training professional designers, architects, design managers, entrepreneurs and leaders who can easily adapt to interdisciplinary work approach and collaborative work practices and can generate innovative and distinctive results and lead teams in these praxes;

  • fostering collaborative and interdisciplinary professional and academic work through educating students from various backgrounds about the nature and phases of design process;

  • cultivating open-minded leaders of innovation who ground themselves upon scientific understanding with an awareness towards current ethical, environmental and social issues;

  • educating designers and architects who can develop original and innovative products, systems and services based on understanding users’ needs and wants;

  • training internationally competitive designers, architects and researchers who can identify and synthesize global and local demands;

  • graduating influential designers and architects who use their newly gained technological skills towards adding value to our environment and society.

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