Gökçeada Design Workshops

Since 2014, ÖzÜ/İID is conducting the most comprehensive social design initiative in Turkey. The workshop series takes place every summer in Gökçceada, an island community in Aegean Sea. The workshops aim to utilize creative and innovative design management in order to address local, social, and economical problems. The ultimate goal is to contribute to island’s sustainable and environmental-friendly development process. Through community involvement, participants propose value-added products and services based on Gökçeada’s cultural and natural resources.


Students, scholars and designers from all around the world participate in this annual event. In addition to students and scholars from Özyeğin University, students from Istanbul Technical University, Anadolu University, Dokuz Eylül University, Atılım University, İzmir Institute of Technology, İzmir University of Economics, and Yaşar University, and scholars University of Edinburgh, MHKM-Munich, and Izmir University of Economics participated in former workshops.


For further information on Gökçeada Design Workshop and participation in the workshop, please contact workshop facilitator Inst. Alayça Erözçelik (alayca.erozcetin@ozyegin.edu.tr) or workshop coordinator Prof. Dr. Alpay Er (alpay.er@ozyegin.edu.tr).

Gökçeada Design Workshops 3

Third Gökçeada workshop took place from 12 to 19 of July, 2016,  with two themes: "Regeneration" (Crafts, Space, and Environment) and "Region-Direction-Instruction". 4 teams were distributed to Zeytinliköy, Eşelek, and Gökçeada downtown.

Gökçeada Design Workshops 2

Second Gökçeada Design Workshop was planned around the theme of "Regeneration". Between 21-29 July 2015, 4 teams explored regeneration in relation to crafts, service, food, and space in Zeytinliköy, Eşelek ve Dereköy.

Gökçeada Design Workshops 1

The first workshop took place from 20 to 27th of Juky 2014. Teams focused on "Sustainability" and "Region-Direction-Instruction" as their themes.

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