Paper at International Conference on Architecture

Ceren Bayazıtoğlu presented her paper titled "A Case Study on Identification of Traditional Timber Framed House: Konuralp" at the 6th International Conference on Architecture, which took place at Athens, Greece on 4-7 July 2016. You can read the abstract below.

In Anatolian rural settlements, it can be observed that, local architectural components form the urban and the architectural identity of the district. One of these factors is the construction style of the buildings. In the paper, the structural systems of registered and nonregistered timber civil architecture examples, basically from the first half of the 20th century, that constructed in an area having potential in different perspectives will be analyzed. The field of study is Konuralp; a town of the city of Düzce, located in the northwest part of Turkey, in West Black Sea Region.

Konuralp; is rich in the way of the archeological and historical values, open to improvement and transformation due to Düzce University that located within the borders of the town, is advantageous in terms of agriculture and animal breeding; and also is close to city center of Düzce. Consequently, it can be seen that the area has various meanings, opportunities and strengths throughout history.

In academic years of 2012-2013 and 2013-2014; the survey, restitution and restoration project of traditional timber civil architecture examples located in Konuralp has been studied with the senior architecture students of Gebze Technical University. That practice gave chance to recognize the historical tissue, to experience the daily life in the town and also to analyze the traditional construction details for both the students and the instructors. In the paper, both surveyed and unstudied timber houses will be identified, analyzed and classified.

The development of Konuralp today can be an opportunity; on the other hand the continuing urban conversion could be seen as a treat, causing deterioration of uniqueness of the historical urban tissue. Therefore, the studies focusing on the documentation of local architectural identity, vernacular materials and urban tissue can be important for urban sustainability. Finally, the aim of the study is to create an inventory by analyzing the indigenous materials, structural systems, details; observing the various packing materials used in the timber construction system; studying on planning typologies and functional diagrams; making a map to display the locations of the traditional timber houses.

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